Evangelization & Education

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Children's Faith Formation

The Sacred Heart Religious Education program will continue to mature the faith that his developed in the domestic church (home) by the children's parents. We will be emphasizing developing and building on their relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As the children grow in this relationship, we will show how their knowledge of Jesus helps them to better understand the Father and the Holy Spirit in union in the Trinity, and how they are invited to take part in this love of God. We are Sacramentally based to help the children better understand the gifts, graces and blessings they receive, when they were baptized, and will receive Jesus in the Eucharist, his cleansing salvific grace in reconciliation and the Holy Spirit in Confirmation.

First and Second Grade

First and Second Grade will focus on Holy Communion and the Gift that we are loved, cared for, and provided for, by our God.

Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade

Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade will focus on God’s mercy, forgiveness, and justice and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade

Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade will focus on Confirmation and that they are chosen by God to share his “good news” by their actions and words with the gifts of the Holy Spirit to lead them on this journey.


For any adult interested in entering the RCIA process to become Catholic, please contact the Parish Office for information.


This program, an adaptation of the RCIA, is designed for children age 7 or older who have missed receiving sacraments at the usual age ofreception. Call the Religious Education office at (248)-852-4170 Ext. 15 for more information.

Adult Faith Formation

Adult Formation

A variety of adult formation experiences are offered to enhance, nurture and deepen the faith of our parishioners. Among these are prayer and faith sharing experiences, workshops on various themes or topics, retreats and courses, including Scripture Studies. For further information, watch the Parish Bulletin, or contact the Parish Office at (248)-852-4170.